Juniper vMX CentOS i40e Driver Issues

A known issue with the Juniper supplied i40e NIC driver stops installation on CentOS

Karl Austin

2 minute read

I like Juniper’s vMX product, I like JunOS and vMX makes it much more affordable to run inside your network.

Negotiating With A Threenager

Putting your foot down a.k.a. How to feel like a heartless monster

3 minute read

Now don’t get me wrong, we really can’t complain with George, he doesn’t have many tantrums at all. I’d like to lay claim to that being down to me, but in reality it’s Karen and her DNA. Today however was one of those, “How can I be so heartless?” moments, as today there was no negotiation, it really was “Our way or our way”.

IPv6 at Home - It Should Not Be This Hard

IPv6 is 21 years old this year, it shouldn't be this hard to set it up at home.

5 minute read

A few months ago I changed my home router from a Mikrotik RB2011 router to a Linksys WRT1900ACSv2 - Not a particularly cheap router, it’s still £ even now. I changed because I wanted 5Ghz wireless as the 2.4Ghz around here is massively congested, plus I wanted some faster speeds for copying photos to my NAS. I’ve got Gigabit wired to most rooms, but I just can’t be bothered to find a cable most of the time to hook up to - I don’t usually have one long enough at…