Juniper vMX CentOS i40e Driver Issues

A known issue with the Juniper supplied i40e NIC driver stops installation on CentOS

Karl Austin

2 minute read

I like Juniper’s vMX product, I like JunOS and vMX makes it much more affordable to run inside your network.

IPv6 at Home - It Should Not Be This Hard

IPv6 is 21 years old this year, it shouldn't be this hard to set it up at home.

5 minute read

A few months ago I changed my home router from a Mikrotik RB2011 router to a Linksys WRT1900ACSv2 - Not a particularly cheap router, it’s still £ even now. I changed because I wanted 5Ghz wireless as the 2.4Ghz around here is massively congested, plus I wanted some faster speeds for copying photos to my NAS. I’ve got Gigabit wired to most rooms, but I just can’t be bothered to find a cable most of the time to hook up to - I don’t usually have one long enough at…