As per my Hello Again post I’m looking at automating some of my content creation.

The current state of play

If you’ve looked before, you’ll know I use Hugo to build my site.

That means I need to ask Hugo to build my site whenever I add some more content, which currently means:

  1. Get Hugo to build the content
  2. Update my git repo with the new content
  3. Push the repo to GitHub
  4. GitHub fires a webhook that tells my site to pull down new content

Don’t shoot me, this was all build pre-workflow days.

The plan

Have a workflow to do all of the above for me

Step 1

Get it to build and just fire the current webhook.

Wish me luck with it.

Attempt 1

Fail. I forgot my repo is so old that it was stil called master and not main, and I’d put main in my workflow action.

Attempt 2

Fail. A few gotchas it seems with the examples given online for running Hugo builds as workflows. I needed to add:

  packages: read

To my workflow file for it to be able to pull down the docker image.

Attempt 3

Fail-ish. Ooops, only had it build an artefact to attach to the build, not actually commit the public directory back to the repo.

Attempt 4

Success-ish. All built and committed back to the repo, but for some reason my webhook for deploy is failing :/

Attempt 5

Success! Although I really need to commit to a different repo to avoid having to do a git pull after every git push.