Editing on iOS

To make it easier for me to actually use my site and put things on it, one of the thing I wanted to do was edit from whatever device I happen to be on at the time. Most of the time when an idea pops in to my head that’s going to mean my phone (iPhone 13 Pro Max) or my iPad.

The options

Having had a Google around for options the two they kept coming up the most were:

  1. Working Copy
  2. iA Writer

Right now I’m typing this on Working Copy which connected up to my GitHub repo without any issues, just the usual OAuth2 login process with MFA etc.

It’s pretty neat, although it does do fancy quotes which I need to work out how to turn off before it becomes an issue (turns out this is Smart Punctuation in iOS itself, I’ve just never needed it as standard quotes before now).

You can see from the images below that it’s all pretty intuitive and clear in use.