What a PITA I’m the technical admin of the Whitwell Community Centre Facebook page. Every now and then someone will create a new Facebook Location for the centre and when we spot them, we merge them in to the main page, pretty standard stuff. Don’t make it easy will you? Facebook don’t make it easy, this time it has been a right pain. I tried to merge the location in with the official page, unfortunately the official page wasn’t listed int he drop down of pages I could merge it with.
It’s Not Easy It turns out it isn’t as easy to take a decent self portrait as you’d think. Due to a number of factors I scrapped plans for my photo session today, but as it turned out I could actually do it but had no models, so the only one left was me. One of the reasons I take photos is so that I’m not in them, I don’t like having my photo taken and even though no one else was present it still took me some time to get even slightly comfortable being the subject of my photos.
Every Interaction: Resources Page If you’ve ever had to maintain a couple of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. pages you’ll know what a pain it can be when they keep changing how things look and the sizes you need for your header and profile images. In updating a set of profiles for Ilumia Images yesterday I had that very same issue. Fortunately a quick search of Google brought me to the resources page of Every Interaction , a web design business based in London.
The Honeymoon Is Over Let’s get this out of the way now. I like Wordpress, I like how quick it is to get a site up and running and how easy it is to add functionality to a site. It’s going though. I’ve been using Wordpress since around version 1.5, as have many of our customers at KDA. Whilst Wordpress is supposed to make things easier, it doesn’t really. It just swaps some things you need to do, for another set of things you need to do instead.
Vallerret Photography Gloves Vallerret Photography Gloves I first came across the Vallerret Photography Gloves on Kickstarter back in December 2015 and today they were waiting for me when I got home from the coffee morning. They got my attention as I’ve never found a pair of gloves that will keep my hands warm and allow me to operate my camera as well. It was either cold hands or fumbling with the camera, with the increased risk of dropping it.