1 minute read

If you’ve ever had to maintain a couple of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. pages you’ll know what a pain it can be when they keep changing how things look and the sizes you need for your header and profile images. In updating a set of profiles for Ilumia Images yesterday I had that very same issue. Fortunately a quick search of Google brought me to the resources page of Every Interaction , a web design business based in London.

6 minute read

The Honeymoon Is Over Let’s get this out of the way now. I like Wordpress, I like how quick it is to get a site up and running and how easy it is to add functionality to a site. It’s going though. I’ve been using Wordpress since around version 1.5, as have many of our customers at KDA. Whilst Wordpress is supposed to make things easier, it doesn’t really. It just swaps some things you need to do, for another set of things you need to do instead.